ANSPACE Hong Kong Employment & Work Visa Application - HK Working Visa

After employed by a Hong Kong company, you will be qualified to obtain a Hong Kong employment visa as your legal working visa in HK. We provide free consultation service regarding Hong Kong work visa application.

If you are looking to travel to Hong Kong for job-related reasons, then you must be aware that you are required to apply for a work permit and working visa hk. However, getting your hands on a Hong Kong work visa is not as easy as it looks. You have to first fulfill certain criteria to get what you wish for.

What are the criteria for getting a visa?

First, you need to have a job offer from a company. This should be done before you migrate to Hong Kong. However, you can still apply for a Hong Kong employment visa, whilst you land a job there and you won’t be asked further questions. However, for the activation of the Hong Kong work visa, you need to leave the location and then re-enter it.

How can you apply for a Hong Kong visa?

After compiling all of the documents together, you must submit the whole package to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. If they approve your Hong Kong employment visa, then it must be collected in person from the local Hong-Kong consulate. If family members are joining, then dependant visas must be acquired for them.

Renewal and Permanent Residency

Since the working visa hk is only valid for a duration of one year, it must be renewed according to how long the individual wishes to work for the company. They can only qualify for permanent residency in Hong Kong if they have been residing and working there for a duration of seven years.
What are the eligibility requirements for applying for the work permit?

  • The person must provide documents of their clean criminal records.
  • There must be an employment job offer.
  • The salary of the individual should not go beyond the standards that are set by local professionals (min. 20,000 Hong Kong $).
  • Proper research must be done so that one can find out vacancies at potential companies in Hong Kong.
  • The individual should hold a prominent degree and have enough qualifications and achievements that are notable. Along with this, they should also have experience in the work field they are applying for.
  • There needs to be enough proof that the employee will contribute towards the economy of Hong Kong in a positive way.