ANSPACE Hong Kong Corporate Formation - TCSP Licensed Company

Assist by Anspace expertises, our Hong Kong corporate formation service allows you and your company start in a successful way. Our team owned over 20-year experience in setting up a wide range of new companies in Hong Kong and Overseas.

With Hong Kong corporate formation, you will have a lot of pros to work in your favor. Some of them are as follows:

Easy to Transfer Funds

The ownership of a corporation can easily be transferred these days. However, there are some restrictions that come into existence in the case of the S corporation. One can easily raise the capital through the help of the stock by selling it. There is also an additional benefit that most of the banks prefer which is to hand out loans only to the borrowers that are incorporated.

Boost the Credibility of the Business

With Hong Kong corporate formation, you can never go wrong. Plus, the benefits of choosing such a service are endless, Not just with finances, but also in other terms. Customers, suppliers as well as business associates, have the perception that corporations are more stable as compared to the unincorporated businesses. These days, it is considered that you have a stable business if there is a presence of ‘Corp.” or “Inc.” attached to your business name. It means that you as a business are credible.

Protection of your Personal Assets

With business formation services, you can also protect personal assets. The corporation can carry the business further, along with ownership of the property and can sue or either be sued. Along with this, it can also incur liabilities.

The owner of corporations is not individually responsible for business debts. Therefore, you are assured that creditors cannot turn to your car or your house when it comes to payment of the business debts. With business formation services, you can gain tax benefits and write off these things in the name of health insurance, life insurance, etc.

Boost Your Credibility

With the help of Hong Kong corporate formation, you can now boost your company’s credibility and reach out to more people and garner partners as well as customers. Even after the death of the owner, the business company will still exist.